Scanned File Too Big

Dear Computer Lady,

How can I scan a document onto my computer and reduce its size so that I can upload to my work and not get the error file is to big?

Thanks, Joyce

Dear Joyce,

It sounds like you are scanning the document at a high resolution.

There are a couple of options, first, you can lower the scanning resolution. This would be done in your scanner software, so I can’t give you step by step directions.

Second, you can scan the document as usual, then open it in an image editing program like the free, Irfanview, and “Resample” the image to a smaller size, then save it as a jpg.

Once you save the smaller image, you should be able to send it to your work.

If you are using Irfanview, open the scanned image, click on “Image” then “Resize/Resample”.

For a quick resize, click the “Half” button, then click “File” then “Save” to save your changes.



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