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[ad]Dear Computer Lacy,

I have been receiving your newsletter for a longtime now and have really enjoyed your solutions to other people’s problems. Now I have a problem of my own that I have not been able to overcome.

I have a One Touch 5600 scanner that has been a real workhorse for me. It has worked very well while I was running Windows XP. However now that I am running Windows 7 it is not recognized by this version of Windows.

I contacted the company and they said there is no driver available to Windows 7. I do not want to just throw this scanner out and go buy a new one since it does scan very well, It’s just that Windows version 7 does not recognize the driver.

Would you know of a way around this problem so I can continue to us my scanner on Windows 7? Maybe someplace to find a driver for it?

Thanks Mel

Dear Mel,

Unfortunately, it is up the manufacturer to decide if they will create new drivers for their existing products when a new operating system comes out.

I’m assuming that you have already tried using your old, XP drivers on the new computer.

Since creating new drivers for an existing product is costly for the company, if the scanner is no longer being produced, there is no financial incentive for the company to make the investment, and it looks like this scanner was produced before XP was released.

If the manufacturer has not produced a driver, you will not find a legitimate driver anywhere else on the internet, what you might find, is a fake driver full of malware, so be careful when searching for drivers online.

If you have the professional version of Windows 7, you could install a virtual copy of XP, but it is not easy, and Microsoft clearly states on their website that some hardware won’t work in XP Mode. You can read more about it at just search for “Virtual XP”



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    • martincook
    • March 3, 2015

    I ran into this problem one time. I found for some reason I could still use the scanner by: open PAINT, go to OPEN FROM SCANNER, and I could still use the scanner! Not sure why that works, but it did for me.


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