Scanner Won’t Scan Coins

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I, too, have been reading and learning from your weekly posts, and now I have one.

I’ve used an Epson 1650 scanner for years on Windows Vista to scan my coins, but it is incompatible with Windows 8.
I still have it, but bought an Epson V600 scanner to use with Windows 8.

The 1650 took great copies of the coin, but the V600 copies are all but unviewable. Epson’s first level technician said that is a feature since scanning coins is illegal here in the states. I don’t believe that at all, but do you know of a way to use the V600 to scan coins as well as the 1650 did?

Many thanks for your helpful columns, Charlie

Dear Charlie,

I took a look at the Epson Website, and while there isn’t any software for Windows 8 available, I noticed that there was software for Windows 7. Did you try downloading and installing the Windows 7 scanner driver?

Just to try it out, I put a couple of coins on my Epson Perfection V300 scanner and the scan came out just fine.

Does everything else scan just fine on your new scanner? If so, maybe there is some kind of safeguard. If not, there is probably a problem with the scanner.



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