Computer Freezes When Antivirus Updates

Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for all you do for us folks who are not computer savvy! I have an annoying problem, hope you can help.

I have Malwarebytes and also Emsisoft installed on my desk top.

My computer freezes(needs to recover webpage) everytime Emsisoft installs updates(which seems like every time I need to do something!)

Malwarebytes never did this. I talked to a very nice gentleman at Emsisoft and he took a lot of time to check things out on my pc. He didn’t find any problems but he did tell me that my machine was just slow.
When I bought this Dell all in one about 4 years ago, I did go by your guidelines. So, would this problem be caused by my server? I was paying for the fastest speed for several years, but was told it really wasn’t available in my area. So I dropped down 2 notches because it was getting expensive…….

Also, why is Emsisoft freezing my computer when Malwarebytes downloads, no freezing?

Thanks for any info! Nancy in Chicago
PS Do I also need an antivirus?

Dear Nancy,

Without taking a look at your computer, I can’t really tell you what is causing your problems or why.

I can tell you that I have Emsisoft installed on a large number of computers that I manage and there are almost no issues with them.

Since Emsisoft protects you from viruses (you don’t need another antivirus program) and malware, I would suggest that you un-install Malwarebytes and see if that fixes the problem.

It might also be that after 4 years your computer is overdue for a good tune-up. Your local computer repair shop would be happy to do that for you.

One of the classic signs of a hard drive that is starting to fail is that it slows down your system, so you might want to get your hard drive tested and see if that is the problem.

Hopefully these suggestions will point you in the right direction.



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