Emsisoft And Malwarebytes

Dear Computer Lady,

Since you switched to Emsisoft, do you still use Malware bytes?

I would like to get rid of both AVG and Malware bytes.

Thank you in advance, Tom

Dear Tom,

I do not personally have Malwarebytes installed on my computer any longer, so I guess Emsisoft has replaced both AVG and Malwarebytes.

The computer I am currently using is about 11 months old. When I set it up, I installed Emsisoft as my antivirus. In the past, I would install Malwarebytes when I felt that I needed to run a malware scan.

Your question made me realize that it has been almost a year and I have not had any symptoms on my computer that would make me think that I needed to run a malware scan. I am very happy with Emsisoft!



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