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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have one of the so-called elite anti-virus system which does a decent job but it’s mostly a smoke screen.

They seem to be getting more expensive every year but their capabilities stays practically the same.

What in your expertise, would you consider an excellent anti-virus system?

I need a good one because I am an adventurer. I have gone into computers where no man has gone before.

Thank you in advance. Teddy

Dear Teddy,

I will be happy to share with you what I personally use for computer protection.

I do want to point out though that no security program will protect the computer from you adventuring into the system and protected files. The best protection for that would be a full system backup so that if you delete something that the computer needs to run, all you need to do to recover is restore your most recent full system backup.

For computer security, I use two programs. One for malware and one for viruses. I use AVG Internet security for my antivirus, and Malwarebytes anti malware for malware protection.

With those two program in place, I have never been infected by a Trojan or virus, and very seldom do I find malware in my system. (Occasionally I get an unwanted toolbar when installing a program I downloaded)



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