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Dear computer lady,

My husband passed away 4 months ago and my income has taken a huge drop. I am an elderly lady and having to live on a tight budget.

I’ve had to let go of Norton security that I’ve had for years. They used to take their money right out of my credit card without even telling me in advance.

Is there any kind of free security out there for our computers for those of us who can no longer afford it??

Thanks, Trudy

Dear Trudy,

I am truly sorry to hear of your husband’s passing.

If you are no longer getting updates from Norton, you should uninstall the program.

Once you uninstall Norton (or any antivirus that is installed on your computer) Windows will activate Windows defender that is already on your computer.

Windows defender is not as thorough as a good paid security program (I really like Emsisoft which is not as expensive as Norton usually is) but it is better than being completely unprotected.

Once you have Windows Defender protecting you, you should also be careful not to click links in email messages, or download files from websites. Also, never call a tech support number you find online, and don’t let someone you don’t personally know take control of your computer.

If you follow these safe computing practices, you probably won’t get infected. If you can afford something less expensive than Norton, I would urge you to give Emsisoft a try.



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