Have I Been Hacked?

Dear Computer Lady,

I have been getting your email for years & enjoy all your knowledge. Thank you.

My question:

I use aol for my email. I have noticed for about the past month on all emails I sent, my email address is preceded with FedEx. I do not know how this happened, but I cannot figure out how to change. I did go to mail settings, but it only has my email address. Something seems a little odd.

Thanks, Barbara

Hi Barbara,

I will have to say, that I almost deleted your email thinking it was a scam because it said, “FedEx” in the title.

The setting to change the “From” name should be in the same settings where the email address is.

Since you did not change this setting, and you don’t see it listed in the settings, I wonder if someone is using your AOL to send phishing messages.

I would change the password for your AOL email, and then make sure your computer is not infected with any malware or viruses.



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