New Petya Ransomware

Dear Computer Lady,

Kindly find time to check out the link I’ve shown here. It came in from a software provider that I’ve used for sometime without problems. While it purportedly announces a new internet threat by a ransomeware program, termed “goldeneye/petya” that is supposedly “… sweeping across Europe …” I’m a little concerned in that there are a few small signs of a poorly written message (typos…?), poor phraseology…?, etc.

Would you kindly take a read and let your readers know if you have your sources that either validate this, or dispel it as just scare tactic by some juveniles, or the like.

Thank you in advance, Ralph in Bremerton, WA

Dear Ralph,

There is indeed a new ransomware threat named petya.

I would guess that the reason for the webpage being poorly written is that the employee who wrote the page is not based in the US.

However, rather than follow the steps listed in the article, I would simply make sure that I have installed critical Windows updates, make sure I am protected with a security program that will automatically protect me. In addition, you should always have a reliable and proven backup strategy.

I am currently using and selling Emsisoft AntiMalware. Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s behavior blocker will detect zero-day ransomware threats so your data stays safe.



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