Pop-Up From Microsoft?

Dear Computer Lady,

How would I know if my laptop computer has been compromised by a Zeus virus?

I had a pop up appear last night with a phone number to call and a code # with Microsoft screen in background. The person on the other end identified himself as a Microsoft employee. He accessed my computer and showed me that my firewall was not working strong enough and that my IPE had been established in foreign countries.
He wanted me to purchase(supposedly) Microsoft virus protection. I didn’t give out any credit card info. but asked him to send an email with plan prices and I would decide later. I never received the email. I have Norton 360 Premier security protection currently.
Should I have my computer checked out?

Does Microsoft try to sell their virus protection plans in this manner?

Thank you, Philana

Dear Philana,

It appears that you have been the victim of a scam, and not a virus.

There is a fairly common scam going around that displays a screen saying “Windows Detected ZEUS Virus”. The pop-up displays phone numbers for you to call, but you will not be talking to Microsoft, you will be talking to a scammer who will try to get you to allow him to control your computer so he can make you think your computer is infected and steal your credit card information. Anything that the scammer told you about your firewall, IPE or infections is just a bunch of lies meant to scare you into giving him your money.

Yes, you should have your computer checked out to make sure the scammer didn’t leave any unwanted programs on your computer. You don’t want your computer sending the scammers your passwords or other information.

No, Microsoft does not sell virus protection plans in this manner, when you get a pop-up saying to call a number for Microsoft support, IT IS ALWAYS A SCAM!

Sometimes, when a victim refuses to give over their credit card information, they will put a password lock on your computer, and you won’t be able to get back in.

It is good that you didn’t give out your credit card information, and I hope that the scammer didn’t do any damage while he had control of your computer.



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