QIP is Blocking Google

Dear Computer Lady,

My preferred browser is Firefox, and Google is my preferred search engine.

Apparently Mozilla is blocking the Google search engine. Firefox is now forcing the user to something called “QIP”. Do you know of any way I can get the Google toolbar back with Firefox? Everything I have tried doesn’t work.

Thanks for all you do, Joan

Dear Joan,

I just updated and checked Firefox, and I can visit www.google.com and search without any problems.

I can also set Google as my default search engine in Firefox.

The Google toolbar is not available in Firefox, and has not been availalbe for several years.

However, I don’t believe that it is Firefox that is blocking Google, instead, it sounds like you have been infected with a browser hijacker called search.qip(.)ru

This browser hijacker will change your DNS settings as well as firefox browser settings like your default search engine, homepage and new tab page.

You will need to get your computer cleaned out to get rid of this nasty hijacker. I would suggest your contact me, or your local computer shop to get it taken care of as soon as you can.



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