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Dear Computer Lady,

Where do I find Quicktime?

I saw a notice to delete it because Apple isn’t going to support it.
Should I do that if I can find it?


Dear Rachel,

Apple has indeed announced that they are no longer supporting QuickTime on Windows computers.

If you have it installed on your computer, it is a good idea to remove it. Several QuickTime vulnerabilities have been discovered recently, and Apple will not be releasing updates to patch them.

To remove QuickTime from your computer, just follow these directions:

1. Click on “Start” then click on “Control Panel”, or in Windows 8 & 10, right-click on the Start button and click on “Control Panel” in the context menu.

2. In the Control Panel, click on “Uninstall A Program” under “Programs”. (You might have to switch to category view first)

3. Find QuickTime in the list of programs, click on it once to select it, then click “Uninstall” in the menu bar.

4. Click “Yes” in the dialog box asking if you are sure you want to uninstall QT. Click “Yes” again if needed and wait while the program uninstalls.

5. When it is finished, QuickTime will no longer be listed in the programs list, and you are free to close the control panel and restart your computer.



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    • julie
    • April 26, 2016

    I was given a movie of our daughter’s wedding and it is in QuickTime. I have a PC. Can I open this movie with something besides QuickTime? I downloaded QuickTime last week to be able to view the movie. Our photographer uses a Mac and this is the form he gave it to us in. I don’t want to keep a program that could compromise my security.

  1. What do you recommend for those of us who purchases gigabytes of network TV episodes and movies (before the days of netflix, et al, thar were designed to run under Quicktime, and of course movie studios still releasing trailers in quicktime only?


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