Wanna Cry Ransomware

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I’m sure you have heard by now about the newest ransomware outbreak, WannaCry. I think the name is pretty descriptive.

Many of you have called and written about it over the past couple of days.

How can you make sure you are protected? There are two things you need to do.

First, and most important is to make sure you have a backup that is NOT connected to your computer. If you are comfortable with cloud backups, then use something like Carbonite. It will automatically backup your files, and they will be waiting for you to retrieve if you do get hit with any form of ransomware.

If you are not comfortable with cloud backups, get yourself two external hard drives and set them up with your backup program. Only use one at a time, and every week switch the drives so that if you get infected, you still have a backup that is less than a week old.

Second, make sure your computer is protected.
Don’t run Windows XP.
Don’t open any attachments unless you know who sent it, and you are expecting them to send you an attachment.
Make sure you are doing windows updates.
Make sure your security software will protect you from ransomware.
Remember that the post office will not send you an attachment.

I do know that Emsisoft anti-malware will protect you from this version of WannaCry. You will have to check with your security software company to see if they have protection in place yet.

One other interesting thing that I read on PCmag.com is that more than $33,000 has been paid in ransom, but no one has reported being able to get their files back.



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