Where is The Network Map?

Dear Computer Lady,

In Windows versions previous to Windows 10, I was able to open the Network and Sharing Center then click on an option to see a “map” of every device connected to my router’s network.

Since I live in a densely populated apartment building, I used to check the map to see if any of my neighbors had hacked into my wireless network.

Would you please tell me how to find a network map in Windows 10? Thank you so much for all the help you have given all your readers over the years.


Dear Nancy,

I did a little bit of research and, unfortunately, the network map is not available in Windows 10.

There are a couple of companies like Spiceworks and Solarwinds that offer software that monitor networks, but they look like they are made for IT professionals.

I did, however find a little program called, Wireless Network Watcher by NirSoft at:
I have not used this particular program, but I am familiar with NirSoft and have used several of their utilities over the years.

This program looks like it might do the trick. I hope it helps.



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