Who To Trust For Security

Dear Computer lady,

What would your recommendations be for a 67 year old lady on a very limited income that’s not very tech savvy. I’ve already “been taken” and lost a lot of money in the process not knowing who to trust, you’re one that I do trust to tell me what would be good for me to use, that won’t break the bank, and give me a sense of security.

I’d like to get to writing books instead of always worrying about my computer

Kris in Wisconsin

Dear Kris,

First and foremost don’t believe anyone who calls and says they have detected problems on your computer. Also, don’t believe the ads that pop up on some websites that say your computer is having problems and call the number listed for help. Both of those are scams.

Don’t give anyone control of your computer unless you absolutely know who they are. If you have any doubts, don’t do it.

Beyond that, have a good antivirus suite running on your computer and a good malware program. I use Emsisoft Anti Malware which includes both virus and malware protection.

With this protections in place, you should be able to concentrate on your writing just like I do, and not worry about your computer security.



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