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Dear Computer Lady,

I noticed on your SendOutCards website in the cards menu there is an item named Campaigns.

What are campaigns?

Thanks, Jane

Dear Jane,

A campaign is just a saved card or a series of cards.

I use a single card campaign to send out my Christmas cards, and a multiple card campaign to follow up with my computer customers.

You can also use a campaign to send out party invitations, a baby shower for example.

Creating a campaign is easy, just go to: login to your account and click on “Cards” in the red menu, click on “Campaigns” and then click on the blue “Create a new Campaign” button.

Follow the instructions to create your campaign. This will include creating a card that can be personalized with the recipients name and other information.

Once you have created and saved your campaign, go to your contacts list, and select the contacts you want to send the campaign to.

You can also send a campaign to new contacts. Lets say that you create a campaign for new customers. When you enter the new customer in your contacts, one extra click of the mouse will also send that campaign to your new customer.


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