Adding Text To Images

Dear Computer Lady,

Curious what you don’t like about using Irfanview to add text to an image.

I have used it for this purpose for many pictures.

Also which program do you like to use?


Dear Linda,

I find it hard to place the text exactly where I want it in Irfanview. It would work better for me if I could drag the text around in the image.

As for what I use, it depends on exactly what I am trying to do.

Two open source programs that I like to use are Gimp and Inkscape. They are free, open source programs with all the power of some of the more expensive graphics programs.

When I want to quickly edit an image, I often use a desktop publishing program called, PagePlus by Serif Software. It is easy to use (although not made for image editing)


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    • DiggerP
    • December 16, 2013

    Hi, It’s interesting to see that the question of adding text to- or below a picture comes up quite frequently.
    While irfanView is very useful and among my favorite
    utilities, Elizabeth is right ,that it isn’t always the easiest tool for text.
    My favorite for this is FastStone Capture – the last free version (v5.3) It’s small, portable and behind its small interface are a lot of useful functions.
    Adding text to a picture is just one of many.
    You can drag the text around in the picture.
    Works for me from 2000 to Win7 incl. (64 bit too)
    Haven’t tested it yet on Win 8
    Download (portable version, 1346 kB)


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