Adobe PDF Reader

Dear Computer Lady,

Please help an old lady.

I am trying to install adobe reader with no luck.

The bottom line seems to ‘acro read 51 not found.’

I have no idea what that is or means.

Please advise, blessings Peg

Dear Peg,

I don’t have an answer for that specific error message, and without taking a look at the computer to see what is going on, I can’t tell you exactly what is wrong, but I do have a few suggestions for you.

1. Try uninstalling all instances of adobe reader, then restart the computer before trying to re-install the program.

2. Try downloading the program again. Make sure you are downloading it directly from

3. Bring your computer to your local computer repair shop (like mine) for a tune-up and make sure you mention that you need to have adobe reader installed. I usually make sure apps like adobe reader and java are updated when I do a tune-up. I also make sure Windows updates are installed.



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