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Dear Computer Lady,

When I burn a music file to my cd-rw and then try to play it on an external device like my Walkman, or Sony disc player the disc will not play….what am i doing wrong?




Dear TD,

When you burn music files onto a CD, you have a couple of choices of how you can burn them. It sounds like you might be burning the MP3 files onto the CD. Not many car or personal CD players support MP3 CDs. What you need to do, is burn the CD as an Audio CD.

Most CD Burning programs have the option to burn an audio CD, if you don’t have that option on your computer, you can download the free version of MusicMatch Jukebox at www.musicmatch.com If you need help with downloading, check out my illustrated download tutorial at https://www.asktcl.com/tutorials/download. html .

Once you have installed MusicMatch Jukebox, it can search your hard drive for music files and put them in a list called your music library. When you are ready to burn a CD, click on the icon that says “Burn to CD”. A small “Burner” window will open, and all you need to do, is select the songs you want to record by either clicking the “Add” button, or dragging the songs from the main MusicMatch window to the smaller “Burn” window. If you have already inserted a blank CD into the drive, A bar at the bottom of the burn window will tell you how much space you have left on the CD.

Once you have selected all your songs, just click the button that says “Burn” and MusicMatch will make your CD.

One note that I should add is that some inexpensive blank CDs just will not work well in small CD players. I have great luck with the blank CDs in Staples that actually say “Staples” right on them. So, if the CD you create does not work in your CD player, try burning another with a better quality blank CD.




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