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Dear Computer Lady,

I have been trying to forward your newsletters to my e-mail address on hotmail. I am forwarding e-mails from an account that is using dial-up and also uses gmail. Each message comes back with a message stating permanent failure. Very few make it to my hotmail account…a few have gone through…I can’t understand what is causing my forwarding of your newsletter to fail. Can you help me.

I am changing from dial-up to DSL and will lose all of your newsletters. I have tried your Archives but see only the questions on Archives…no answers. Any help would be appreciated. My deadline to save your newsletters is tomorrow…so think I will lose all of them..You had such good info I really wanted to save them for future reference.. I thought your archives would include the answers but guess they only include the questions.


Dear Ruth,

You actually have several issues here, but I wanted to take a moment to address them since they are somewhat common issues that some of my readers have.

First of all, if you go to my website at and click on the link that says, “More Questions” you will find more than 400 questions archived. Several readers have written to me about the fact that they can only see the questions, so I have added directions at the top of the page explaining how to view the answers.

Simply click on the title at the top of each question, or the link below each question that says, “Read the rest of this entry…” and you will be able to read the answer.


As for your problem forwarding the emails, I can’t tell you why hotmail is blocking them, but you should be able to view them in Gmail, and you can access your gmail account using your new DSL connection.

I hope this helps.


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