Can’t View PPS Files


Dear Computer Lady,

My computer got very sick and infected with a very nasty virus.
It shut me down…Computer was I sent it off to be fixed.
The virus was so bad the hard drive had to be replaced.
Such a is 8 years old.

Well its up and running with a new mother board and new hard drive.
The repair company reinstalled my operating system and its updates.
Now I am back running and now I realize…things like
I am missing the ability to open a PPS file.

I search internet and well, Please which one do I use that doesn’t want to
install other things on my computer with it?

Thank You, Peace


Dear Peace,

First, PPS files are files that were created in Microsoft Power Point. Since your computer is unable to open them, it means that you don’t have Power Point installed on your computer.

Power Point is included in some versions of Microsoft Office, but if you don’t want or need to purchase an expensive Office suite, you can just download the free Power Point Viewer from Microsoft’s website.

Just head over to and in the search box, type PowerPoint Viewer.

In the search results, click on the link for PowerPoint Viewer 2007, then click the orange “Download” button.

Your file will start to download, and the web page will give you directions for saving and then installing the program.

I hope this helps you enjoy your newly rebuilt computer.


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    • joanb
    • October 28, 2011

    I downloaded the free PowerPointViewer, however, I have to “save as” the file then open it from my documents folder. I am unable to view the pps from my email program.

    • ron007
    • October 7, 2013

    Did you have a copy of Office installed on the old machine? That probably wasn’t re-installed by builder.

    A virus that killed the HD? That is very unusual.

    With a new HD and Mobo you effectively have a new computer running an 8 year old CPU. I hope the work was covered by insurance. Otherwise, you would have been better off simply buying a new computer. Even a low cost new computer would perform much better than your old retread.

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