Clip Art?

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As your followers all say, “your newsletter is the best” and I must agree with them. I’ve been a follower of yours for years. So, as long as you keep writing then I’ll keep learning and that‘s a good thing. Thank you.

My question is about clip art and how do you use it? Does it come in colors or do you have to color the different art works in? I guess I’m just all confused about it. Help!

I’m using Window 7

Thanks again for all the help you give to so many of us that need your advice and guidance.

Linda, in Maine.

Dear Linda,

Clip art is just the general term given to pre-made image files that you can use to illustrate your documents.

The term “clipart” originated through the practice of physically cutting images from pre-existing printed works for use in other publishing projects which was done before the advent of personal computers.

When you install a program like Word, or a greeting card program, the program comes with a small collection of images that you can use as clip-art. Usually you would put it in your document using the, “Insert” command.

I hope this helps you understand and use clip-art on your computer.



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