Computer Slows down

Dear Computer Lady,

My computer is very slow especially about 3 or 4 pm. I continually get a pop up that says microsoft is not responding. what can i do about this?

Thanks, John

Dear John,

It sounds like your computer is trying to do something around that time of day. You might need to do a little bit of investigating to find out what is slowing things down. Some possible things might be…

Your antivirus is running a virus scan.

Windows is trying to download some updates. (this would explain the, microsoft not responding message)

If you are trying to use the internet, it could be that this is the time of day all the neighbor kids get home and all go online. This can cause internet access in a neighborhood to slow down.

Next time your computer slows down, see if it is only the internet or the whole computer. If the computer is slow even when you are not online, try turning off programs that are running in the background one at a time until the computer returns to normal speed. You should be able to right click on icons in the notification area of your taskbar (the right side near the clock) and close programs there.


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