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Dear Computer Lady,

We are trying to design a newsletter and would like to have the circle with the line through it to go over a picture such as the circle over a “no left turn.” Is there a way to find that in the Page Plus program? Or if not, How can we do that?
Thanks, Jackie


Dear Jackie,

You can easily create this graphic in PagePlus, and the image below will still show through! Make sure you have your document open in PagePlus and then follow the directions below.

Here is how:

1. In the toolbar on the left of your pagePlus window, click the arrow next to the shapes tool, and click on the circle.

2. Move your mouse over to your page, and drag to create a circle the size you want. This is what your circle will look like.

3. Now, we want to make the outline thicker, and change the color to red.

4. Go to the toolbar just above your workspace (make sure you have your circle selected) and click on the words, “Line Style”.

5. A dialog box will open. Next to, “Weight” change the value to 10 pts or whatever thickness you desire.

6. In the color section of the same dialog box, click the drop down list and click on the color red.

7. Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the dialog box to save your changes. You should now have a circle with a thick, red border.

8. To make the line through the circle, use the straight line tool (above the shape tool) to draw a line through the circle.

9. With the line selected, repeat steps 4-6 to make your line 10 points and red.


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