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Dear Computer Lady,
Is there a way to delete files in a group instead of individually? And if so would deleting files that have accumulated speed up my pc. I must have more than 1600 !
Thank’s in advance if you can offer any help, Lou in York, Maine


Dear Lou,

Yes, there is a way to delete files in a group instead of just one at a time.

I am going to guess that you are looking at your files in Windows Explorer for this answer.

When you display the folder containing the files you want to delete, click on the first file you are going to delete, then hold down the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard while you click on additional files.

If you want to delete all the files in a folder, click on the first file, then press the “Ctrl” key and the letter A at the same time. This will select all the files in your folder.

Once you have selected the files you wish to get rid of, release the “CTRL” key on your keyboard, and delete the files by either pressing the “Del” key on your keyboard, or clicking on “Delete” in the toolbar or menu bar. All the files you have selected will be deleted together.

Using this method, you can safely delete files that you have added to your computer.

You don’t really want to delete files that you don’t know the origin of. Deleting the wrong files could cause your computer to stop functioning.


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    • cindym
    • March 5, 2011

    If you don’t want to delete “all” but have many files in a group within the large list, click on the first file you want to delete. Then, holding down the
    Shift” key, click on the last file in the group you would like to delete. Release the “Shift” key and they will be highligted. Then just hit your “Delete” key. I find this helpful when I may have 5 or more items in a row I want to delete without having to click on each one….deleting a group within a group.

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