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Dear Computer Lady:

Thank you for all your help and advise over the years.

I have had Windows 10 since last year. Recently when I signed on the icons on the desk top were completely different. They were at least twice in size, out of order and some of them were missing.

Someone told me that this has happened to him several times. He thinks that it was caused by Windows 10 or the updates from Windows 10. What do you think?


Dear Allen,

Usually when this happens it is a video driver issue. Either your video hardware, or software is having an issue. Sometimes, this problem can be caused by a Windows update making changes to the video software.

If the problem is fixed by simply restarting the computer, I wouldn’t worry too much. If, however, the problem continues, I would get the computer checked by a professional.

Even though this might be a driver issue, don’t waste your money on one of those driver programs that you see advertised, they probably won’t fix your problem.



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