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Dear Computer Lady,

I created a DVD of my wedding photos – spent days and days on this project, was so excited to get it all done. Once it was complete, I realized that the computer I created it on does not have a DVD burner (only a CD burner). I got frustrated and gave up. One year later, I still haven’t figured out what to do. Without having to buy a DVD burner (I have another computer that has one), can I save it to a disk and then transfer it to the computer that has the burner?

Thanks so much, Susan


Dear Susan,

You can transfer the file to a different computer, and burn the DVD from there. You would need a couple of things though.

First, you would need a storage device that will work on both computers, and is large enough to hold all your files. Since a DVD holds 4 gigabytes, a USB thumb drive that is at least that size would probably work. You could also use an external hard drive, or if your computers are on the same network, and you can access the first computer from the one with the DVD burner, you can copy the files from one to the other that way.

note: How to network your two computers together, is too long and complicated for this newsletter

If you are using a thumb drive, or external drive, just plug it into the first computer (the one with your files) and drag the project (you didn’t tell me what program you used to create the DVD so I can’t tell you exactly what files to look for) onto the drive.

Next, plug the drive into the second computer (the one with the DVD burner) and open the files in the same program that you used to create the DVD on the first computer. You might need to install that program on this computer if it is not already installed.

From there, you should be able to burn your DVD.

If you do not have the external drive, or the program on both computers, the best answer to your problem might be to purchase an external DVD burner that connects by USB and use that to create your disk.


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    • alexnetherton
    • December 15, 2009

    An outboard DVD recorder is not terribly expensive. They start at about $50.00 US.

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