Email Program for Windows 7

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a new Computer with Windows 7 – and as you know, I can no longer use Windows mail.
First I log on to the internet using – then I must use my email address and password to open my email.

Is there a simpler way for me to access my email account? Like when we had Windows Vista.

Thanks, Don


Dear Don,

Microsoft no longer includes Windows Mail with Windows, however, you can still download and install the newer version, Windows Live Mail from their website at:

There are also a couple of other free email programs that you can install on your computer and use in the same way you used to use Windows Mail.

I like (and use) Eudora at:

Another email program is Thunderbird at:

Hopefully one of these programs will meet your needs.


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    • sj_kac
    • May 20, 2012

    Dear Computer Lady,

    In the current newsletter Don wrote he could not access his mail in Windows Mail. You suggested other E-mail programs. Since he is using as his homepage, why not just use Yahoo mail as his E-mail. I started using Yahoo for my E-mail when I switched from MSN to Yahoo for my homepage 5 years ago, when I got DSL from ATT, and have not had any problem with it.

    Ken in San Jose

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