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Dear Computer Lady,

I love your newsletter. I read them even though I think I know what to do and usually learn a great lesson. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Today I have a question about printing the list of what I have saved in a folder. I use Windows 8.1. I am an embroidery sewer and have dozens of files that I have downloaded to my computer. The nightmare comes when I need to find a particular file. My naming protocol is scary at best and just downright impossible to find when I’m in a hurry.

I have files on my hard drive, on memory sticks and CDs. I started the filing system without thinking about it being difficult to find a file. The digitizer names the files. Some have a name that is description of the item in the files such as ChristmasTree.pes. Some have a number which doesn’t give a clue as to what is in the file. Some have 8 to 10 files with the exact same name with the only difference being the size. I just plain need help and any suggestion you have for me will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Bette

Dear Bette,

As a fellow saver of embroidery files, I have a couple of tools that I can share with you. One is free and will help you to organize your files and the other is not free, but will help you view and print your files.

First for the free tool. The secrets of embroidery website has a handy set of empty folders that are great for organizing embroidery files. I downloaded the folders many years ago, and have even added to them when I have a design that doesn’t seem to fit in any of the available. You can read about their organizing ideas and download the folders at:

The second tool that I use and I think you will find invaluable is the Embird embroidery software. You can find Embird at:

Embird will help you do two things that are extremely helpful. First, you will be able to print a catalog of all designs in a folder. This is what you are looking for in your original question, and I have used it in the past to print out a catalog of designs. It is great if you want to give people a list of designs to choose from. The file name is listed beneath each image which makes it easy for you to go back and select the right file.

For an extra $20. you can purchase the iconizer plug-in for Embird, which will allow you to see an icon for each embroidery file showing what the design is. This saves on paper, but allows you to easily see what each design looks like when browsing your files in Windows.



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