Finding A Lost Font

Dear Elizabeth,

In the process of changing to newer computer, I lost some of my fonts; one in particular that I need to print a certain document is called Stone Temple. I searched for it and came up with many free offers of the font, if I would only agree to their terms of use, consisting of many pages of text that only a lawyer would understand.

So I agreed without reading it and downloaded the font, which came infected with all kinds of nasty stuff and signed me up for I don’t know how many e-mail offers that I don’t want and worst of all it high jacked my browser and switched it to something called Delta Search. which I have managed to bypass but have to keep unsubscribing from all these other offers.

So my question, Dear Elizabeth, is how can I find a vendor where I can safely purchase this font or some kind person who will give me or sell me the font?

With many thanks, Dean

Dear Dean,

I also have a font that I love to use (called Phyllis) but it is not a standard font.

And, like you, I frequently forget to transfer the font when I move to a new computer. The first time, I had to dig out the program that the font originally came with in order to get it back.

I finally solved my problem by keeping a copy of the font in my documents folder. Since I always backup my documents folder, and transfer the contents of that folder when I move to a new computer, the font is always transferred to the next computer.

In order to get your font back, your best bet is to find the program that it originally came with, and install that program.

I don’t know what program you got the font with, but perhaps someone else does and can help.

Once you get a copy of your font back, make sure you keep a backup copy someplace safe.


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    • DiggerP
    • December 28, 2013

    Hello Dean,

    I have the Stone Temple font.
    You can pick it up from my SkyDrive

    Happy New Year to you
    and also Elizabeth and all her “fans”.


  1. I download many fonts, and have found some sites that are legit and the fonts are free. I found Stone Temple at . I’ve never had any problem downloading fonts from them.

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