Fizzball Game


Works in Windows 2000, XP, and Vista

Click on one of the images below to download and play.

Who doesn’t remember the old fashioned game of breakout where you moved a paddle back and forth across the screen to bounce your ball off a brick wall, breaking the bricks as you went?

Fizzball takes the breakout game, makes it cute, easy for kids to play, but also includes a harder adult mode. Your goal in Fizzball is to rescue all the animals by capturing them in a large bubble.

When you start each Fizzball level, your ball (actually in this game it is called a bubble) is very small and bounces off the animals on the screen. As your bubble picks up coins and small objects, it grows larger and soon is large enough to pick up the animals on the screen.

Along the way, you will encounter new animals and even an alien or two. Collect butterflies to gain extra bubbles, and try not to hit the toxic barrels and pollute the environment.

Fizzball is a fun game that kids and adults will both have fun playing. I know I have fun testing it!


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