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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have started getting these messages-pop-ups that I need to download an updated version of a media player. When I do it just brings all kinds of problems.

I am using IE 7/ What is trying to download is FLV Media Player Version1.3.

Is this something I need? If not, how do I keep it from coming up all the time? I have downloaded it twice then uninstalling it because of all the pop-ups and other junk. I thought I would see what you had to say. Thanks for your information.


Dear Connie,

I had not heard of FLV Media player, but with a little bit of research, I discovered that it is a media player that plays .flv files that have been downloaded from YouTube.

If you don’t have files that you downloaded from YouTube, then you don’t need the FLV media player.

If you don’t need it, just go to the “Control Panel”, then go to “Uninstall A Program” to remove it.



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