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Dear Elizabeth,

I`m still in Honduras and still starving for good books to read. After my last computer was stolen, it took me a few months to save the $ for another one, an HP Mini.

Now I want to learn how I can access and read free books online. So far, I`ve only found hype. It will say free, but it means read a page and then buy.

Another one I looked at created huge warnings from my anti-virus system that this was not a safe place to go.

Can you tell me how I can access great books safely online?

Your amigo in Honduras, Sara

Dear Sara,

I think the best and safest way to read free books online is to use the Amazon Kindle reader on your laptop, and browse the free books available on Amazon.

First, go to Amazon at: Free Kindle Reading Aps

and download, then install the application for your HP mini.

Once you have downloaded the Kindle application, go back to Amazon, click on “Kindle eBooks” in the menu across the top of the window, and click on “Kindle Best Sellers” in the menu on the left.

You will now see two columns of books. On the left is the top 100 paid books, and on the right is the top 100 free books.

Simply browse through the free books column. When you find one that you like, you can “purchase” it and it will be available for you to read on your Kindle app that you downloaded.

These books are completely free, and completely safe for you to read.


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    • phdragonlady
    • November 26, 2012

    Hi Sara,

    Here are two other great places to get free ebooks. One is the library, as long as you have a library card number you can log into their site and borrow books for 14 days for free no matter where you are in the world. The second is through a website called Pixel of Ink ( If you get on the email list they will send you a list almost everyday of the books that are available for free that day through Amazon.

    Hope this helps

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