How To Burn A Music CD


Dear Computer Lady,

Could you please tell me how to burn music on a CD? I was needing to put different songs on a CD for my wedding. 

Thank you, MP



Dear MP,

Burning a music CD with a mix of songs that you already own is quite simple when you have the right hardware and software.

Since you asked about this, I am going to assume you do have a CD burner in your computer, so all you really need is a good program that will copy music CD’s onto your computer, and then burn a new CD from those music files.

There are many great CD burning programs out there, and you probably have one on your computer right now, but since I don’t know which one you have, and we are talking about music CDs, I am going to suggest a great program for working with music on your computer. This program is called Music Match Jukebox. 

You might already have Music Match Jukebox installed on your computer, many new systems come with it already installed. If you don’t have it, or if you are not sure if you have the most recent version, head on over to and click on the big “Get it Now!” button to start your download. If you need help with downloading, check out my illustrated download tutorial at .

You can download the plus version of Musicmatch Jukebox for $19. 99 or just click on the link that says “Get Free Jukebox” to download the free version. I would suggest you use the free version, and then if you want you can upgrade later. I have the Plus version, and this is a program that I use every day.

Once you have installed MusicMatch Jukebox, put your CD in the drive, and click the button on the left of the MusicMatch screen that says “Copy from CD”. This will begin the process of copying the CD to your hard drive. MusicMatch will even look up the artist and title of each song, if it does not do that automatically, you can click on “Tools” in the little recorder window, and then click on “Get CD info”.

When you have finished copying your CDs to the hard drive, (this is faster in the plus version than it is in the free version) you can close the recorder window, and click on the icon that says “Burn to CD”. A small “Burner” window will open, and all you need to do, is select the songs you want to record by either clicking the “Add” button, or dragging the songs from the main MusicMatch window to the smaller “Burn” window. If you have already inserted a blank CD into the drive, A bar at the bottom of the burn window will tell you how much space you have left on the CD.

Once you have selected all your songs, just click the button that says “Burn” and MusicMatch will make your CD.

One note that I should add is that some inexpensive blank CDs just will not work well in small CD players. I have great luck with the blank CDs in Staples that actually say “Staples” right on them. So, if the CD you create does not work in your CD player, try burning another with a better quality blank CD.



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