How To Crop A Photo

Dear Computer Lady,

I love your emails and your q&a’s that you send out. I have reached out before to you and you helped me solve a problem. So I’m asking again—

How do I scan an old school photo 4″x5″ and resize it to post on Facebook?

I have tried resizing it in Paint, followed numerous websites on how to do it but I still end up with a very small photo at the top of the 8×11 page.

Can you help and why is it soooooo difficult?

Thanks, Dianne

Dear Dianne,

Thank you for sending the photo along with your question, it allowed me to instantly see what the problem, and the fix is to your question.

When you scanned your photo, you scanned not only the photo, but also all the white space on the scanner bed. This makes your small photo part of a larger image that includes all that white space.

There are two ways that you can fix this. The first is to use the scanning software to select only the image when you scan. Some scanners make this easy, others don’t offer as much customization.

The second way to fix this is to crop the image and remove the white space in an image editing program.

To do this in Paint, I first had to resize the picture by 50% (so that the whole photo was visible on my screen)

Then, I used the “Select” tool to draw a rectangle around the part of the image I wanted to keep.

Once the photo was selected, I clicked on the “Crop” tool and the part of the image that was not selected was removed.

Use the file menu to save your image, and it will be ready to share with your friends and family.



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