How To Send a Word Document To The Desktop

Dear Computer Lady,

I read and enjoy your newsletter. I also use a lot of your tips.

I do have a problem. I use MS Word 2016 and would like to know if and how to send a Word document to my desktop.

Thanks for all your help, Julian

Dear Julian,

There are several ways to get a Word Document on your desktop.

1. If you have the document open in Word, click on “File” then “Save As”. Click “Browse” and find “Desktop” in the left column. Click on “Desktop” and then click the “Save” button in the lower-right corner of the dialog box.

This will save a copy of your file on your desktop.

2. If you know where your document is located on your computer, you can open File Explorer, find your document and using your right-mouse button, drag it to your desktop. Once you release the mouse button, you will see a menu where you can choose to move the document to your desktop, make a copy on your desktop, or just make a shortcut to the document on your desktop. Just select the one you want.

If you make a copy of the document on your desktop, you need to remember that you now have 2 copies and changes you make in one copy will not be reflected in the other one.



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