How To Setup A Wireless Password

Dear Elizabeth:

I have learned so much from you. Thank you for your newsletter and guidance.

When we added wireless we did not password protect it. Can we still add one or Is it too late now? If not, how would we do it. It is a NETGEAR N-300 Router.

Thank you, A 69 year old user still trying to learn.

Joan from Massachusetts

Dear Joan,

It is possible to password protect your wireless.

How you set it up is different for each type of router, but the best way to get started is to insert the CD that came with the router and run the setup again. This will probably prompt you to choose if you want an unprotected wireless signal or a secure signal.

If running the disk doesn’t work, you can use the reset button to set the router back to the factor settings, then use the CD to set it up again just like it is brand new. (often this is the only option when you have forgotten the passwords)

You might also be able to give Netgear tech support a call, and they will help you set up a secure wireless signal.


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