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Dear Computer Lady,

I am wondering how I can get images from my phone camera (stored in the phone) onto my computer. I have a cable leading from the phone to the computer, but the phone doesn’t seem to offer the computer as a choice. It can send a picture to someone in the phone contacts list (apparently attached to a text message), to someplace online (don’t know how I would select a site), or something to do with Bluetooth.

The phone is not a smartphone, doesn’t have a real keyboard, and doesn’t have the “@” sign, so I can’t attempt to e-mail a photo anywhere.

Is there any way to get the pictures off the phone?

I’ll be grateful for any suggestions you can provide, and thank you for your newsletter.


Dear Marianne,

I don’t have a detailed answer for you, but since your phone comes with a USB cable, and you can attach it to your computer, you might want to see if you can view the contents of your phone from your computer.

Just plug your phone into your computer, then click on “Start” and “Computer” (or “My Computer”) and look for a new drive.

If a new drive or device shows up in your computer window, double click on it and see if you can find a folder with your pictures.

I would love to hear if anyone else has a way to get photos off of a basic cell phone.



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    • ritamm
    • March 22, 2013

    I have a very simple phone. I don’t know if this will work for you, but I simply added my e-mail address to my address book (and identified it as such in my listing). When I receive (or take a photo) that I want to save on my computer, I simple forward it to my e-mail address.

    I then shows up in an e-mail and I can then copy it to a folder and later edit it, if I desire.

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