Importing Contacts To Kindle Fire

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I put my contact list into my Kindle Fire?

I put my E-mail in which is aol but the contacts did not transfer. Please, how do I do this?

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Dear Joy,

According to Amazon Kindle tech support, you can import contacts on Kindle Fire only if your e-mail provider is Gmail or Yahoo.

Importing contacts from AOL or Hotmail is not currently supported.

However, you might be able to do this if you can export your AOL contacts as a vCard.

Once you have exported your contacts, connect your Kindle Fire to your computer with the USB cable and copy the folder of contacts to your Kindle.

When the folder has been copied, disconnect your Kindle fire, open the email app, and select “Import” to start the process of importing your contacts.

If this does not work for you, check out the Kindle Support website and select your specific type of Kindle for directions.



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