Is Registry Power Cleaner Safe?

Dear Computer Lady,

I frequently see pop up on my screen the following block:

“Registry Power Cleaner” by Winferno Software”


Thanks, Jean

Dear Jean,

The program might be safe to use, (it also could cause your computer to crash) but you really don’t need it.

The registry is a big database of settings that your computer needs to run. If you, or a program you choose to run, make the wrong changes to your registry, it could cause your computer to crash, or just not run.

In addition, you just plain don’t need it. Most of the time these cleaning programs are just trying to get your money, they don’t really do anything that is going to make a difference in the speed or stability of your computer.

The fact that you have this popping up on your screen makes me wonder if you have some advertising malware in your computer. You might want to get that checked out by either bringing it to your local computer repair shop, or by running either Malwarebytes at: or Emsisoft Emergency Kit at:

Cleaning out Malware is much more important, and will speed up your computer.



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