Keyboard Can’t Keep Up

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have a Toshiba laptop and lately when I type it misses letters, stops typing, etc.

I replaced my keyboard but it didn’t help. Have you got any more things I might do? Hoping for a good answer.

Thank you very much! Georgia

Dear Georgia,

It sounds like you don’t have enough free resources on your computer. This is usually the case when your display can’t keep up with what you are typing on the keyboard.

Does re-starting the computer help?

Does it only happen when you have certain programs running? For example if it only happens when you go online.

The answer to those questions would help narrow down the cause of your problem.

For now, the best advice I can give you is to restart the computer (Click on “Start” point to “Shut Down”, then click on, “Restart”)

If this doesn’t help, try removing programs that you recently installed.

Download Malwarebytes and scan for malware on your computer.

Run the System Configuration tool and turn off unnecessary programs. (Click on “Start”, type msconfig and press enter).

Lastly, adding more RAM to your system will help, but only if the system is healthy and free of malware.

If you are not comfortable doing the steps above, your local computer shop will be able to help you.



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