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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Whenever I follow a link from a Publishers Clearing House email to enter their sweepstakes, I get a notice on their page that I need to update Adobe Flash.

A window tells me that my entry was received, even if I don’t update Flash.

I use Google Chrome, which says that it updates Flash automatically. I know Flash has dubious security, but it’s still prevalent. So should I update Flash or not?

Thanks, Cliff

Dear Cliff,

I had never visited the Publishers Clearing House website, so I headed on over to take a look.

I did not see any notices for updating Adobe Flash, however, I did see a lot of ads related to things that I had searched for recently, so I’m guessing that what you saw was an ad, not a notice.

Regardless of whether the notice was real or not, I would never click on a link on a web page to update things like Adobe Flash. Instead, head directly to the Adobe web site at and download the update from there.

If you click on an ad on a web page for something like Flash or Java, chances are you will be downloading a version full of advertising and malware.



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