Office 2007 Calendar

Dear Computer Lady,

I purchased Office 2007, home and student edition for XP and I thought it had a calendar feature, but it does not. I wanted to be able to use it to upload my work schedule and sync to my IPhone.
Office 2007 only has outlook express. Do you know of a compatible program that I can purchase.

Shirley in L.A.


Dear Shirley,

The home and student edition of Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote. It does not include Outlook.

The Microsoft Office component that has the calendar feature is Outlook. It is available in some of the other versions of Office, or you can purchase it alone. I just looked on and Microsoft Outlook 2007 is available for just under $80.

You might also want to look into the free Google Calendar. I’m not sure if it will sync with your IPhone or not, but it can be accessed from any internet connected computer.


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