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Dear Computer Lady,

I am starting up a home-based business and need to fine an inexpensive [free is good] online contact manager software. All I need are the basics of contact management including quick contact entry and retrieval, a to-do list, that could possibly link to something like Gmail [this criteria is not really necessary].

For very many years I have been enjoying and learning a lot from your site. Thanks


Dear Stew,

Since you mentioned Gmail, I thought why not use Gmail contacts as your contact manager, and Gmail Tasks for your tasks.

To access your contacts in Gmail, look in the upper-left corner of your Gmail page. Just under the word, Google, you will see, “Gmail” with a down arrow. Click on the down arrow, and from the drop down list, click on, “Contacts”.

While viewing your Contacts list, you can click on “New Contact” and fill out the information for you contact. You can also double click on any contact in your list to add or change information for the contact. You can create groups and assign a contact to one or more groups.

Once you have your contacts set up, you can move on to Tasks.

To access your tasks list, click on the word, “Gmail” just like you did to access your contacts. Click on the word, “Tasks” in the drop down list. This time, instead of displaying a new window, a small, tasks list will be displayed in the lower-right corner of your page. Click the Plus symbol to type in a new task, and click on each task to mark it as finished when done.

I hope this helps you with your new business!



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