Pictures on Facebook

Dear Computer Lady,

I have been trying to put new pictures into my Facebook account, but have been having trouble getting them from MY DOCUMENTS  and onto the Facebook account.

What do I need to do?. Help would be greatly appreciated as I am not terribly proficient at the computer!

Thanks, RT


Dear RT,

If you have pictures on your computer, and you want to upload some of them to your Facebook page, just follow these directions.

Open your web browser and login to your Facebook page. At the top of your page, under the words, “News Feed” is a line that starts with “Share:” Click on the word, “Photo” on that line.

Three options will appear, Upload a Photo, Take a Photo, and Create an Album. You want to click on “Upload a Photo”.

A dialog will appear, click on the button that says, “Choose File”

When you click on the “Choose File” button, Windows Explorer will open. Click on the folder that contains your pictures, and click on a picture to select it. Once you select your picture, click on the “Open” button in the lower right corner of the window.

Repeat the previous step if you want to share more than one photo.

When you have finished, click on the “Share” button to share your photos with your Facebook friends.


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