Reading on a Kindle

I have been reading on my kindle for almost 5 years now, and I
didn’t realize how much I loved it until just the other day…

I ordered a print version of a book that I wanted. I would have
ordered it on the Kindle, but there was no Kindle version available,
and I really wanted to study the book. I had already read the 2nd
edition of this manual on my Kindle, and needed the up to date
information in the 3rd edition for some work I am doing.

The book came in the mail yesterday, and I quickly realized that it
was much bigger and heavier than my Kindle. It was also harder to
hold the pages open to the page that I was going to read on.

One look at the text in the book, and I knew that I couldn’t read
this book without my reading glasses, (which I had to go find) and
once I sat down with my book and reading glasses, I found myself
searching for something to use as a bookmark, and then I needed a
highlighter when I found a section that I knew I would need to refer
back to.

When I read on my Kindle, I can adjust the font size to whatever
size my aging eyes finds most comfortable, bookmark any page in
the book, and highlight sections of text. All without carrying
around a heavy book and extras like glasses and highlighters.

Oh, and the highlighter doesn’t bleed through to the next page!

I love my Kindle, and iPad with the Kindle app…
I do want to clarify that when I refer to my Kindle, I am not
just talking about the actual kindle device (although that is my
favorite way to read digital books) I am talking about reading on
any device that has a Kindle application. 

I currently have the Kindle app on my iPad, my laptop, and my
desktop computer. I can start reading a book on the actual Kindle
device, read some more on my desktop, and then use the laptop. One
of the advantages of the PC and iPad apps is that it is displayed
in color. Not only are any illustrations in color, but my
highlights are in color as well. In fact, anything that I highlight
on one device, shows up highlighted on the other devices. Amazon
takes care of all that for me.

I will often study a book at home on my Kindle, highlighting and
taking notes as I study. Then, when teaching a class on that book,
I will open it on my laptop using the Kindle program for the PC,
and the highlights and notes are there waiting for me, and easy to
see since the highlights are yellow.


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