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Dear Computer Lady,

Good Morning!!!!!!  I was in your state yesterday and picked up a copy of “The Weekly Sentinel” and was pleasantly surprised to find a column about computers!!!!!! 

My question to you is as follows:

I have uploaded many photos into my “picture file” on my computer but have “tagged” some of them with inappropriate headings. 

How do I remove the “tag” and re-label the photo?????
Thank you, Nancy  🙂

Dear Nancy,

I wish you had mentioned what program you used to tag your photos, but since you didn’t, I am going to take a guess that you are using Windows Photo Gallery.

Windows Photo Gallery is part of Windows Live, which is available free of charge from Microsoft’s website. So, even if you don’t have Windows Photo Gallery, you can install it on your computer and use it to follow these directions without any cost.

To remove a tag from a photo using Windows Photo Gallery, just follow these directions:

1. Open Windows Photo Gallery, and find the picture you want to change.

2. Double click on the picture to open it in the Photo Gallery window.

3. If you don’t see a column of information about the photo on the right side of the window, click on “info” in the toolbar.

4. In the Info pane on the right, find the tag you want to remove.

5. Right click on the tag, and click “Remove Tag”
6. Point to the tag and a button will appear around the tag with an X in the right corner. Click on that X to remove the tag.

Even if you didn’t create the tags in Windows Live Photo Gallery, you should be able to remove them this way.


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