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[ad]Dear Computer Lady:

I have a profusion of unwanted and unnecessary pictures and files from Microsoft and also from Canon.

In Microsoft the only way that I can delete these encroachers, is to use Trusted Installer and Security Tab, which would be very tedious and boring. Is there a quicker solution? In Canon, there is a gaggle of pictures that has very little to do with its operation, but some of those pics may be a file item in its operation which leaves me in a dilemma.

Thank you in advance. Teddy

Dear Teddy,

I guess my first question would be to ask you why you wanted to delete these images. Are you running low on disk space?

Every program installed on your computer includes images that are eiter necessary to display the program, or might be used in the program. If you have plenty of hard drive space, I would strongly urge you to leave the images there. There is probably a good reason that Microsoft made it hard to delete those images.

The same goes for your cannon program. While those images might not have anything to do with the operation of the program that you can see, deleting them could cause the program to not operate correctly.

If disk space is a problem, you might be able to free up some space by uninstalling the Canon program, then install it again, do a custom install and only install the parts of the program that you really need.



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