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Dear Computer Lady,

I have a question for you. I belong to a couple of very interesting quilt discussion groups in which I get daily digest emails from these group. These 2 groups are very active and I can acquire several digest emails in one day.

Is there a way to burn these emails to a CD so that I can have the info to look at, at a later date on a CD?

Hope you can help me. Thanks, Peggy


Dear Peggy,

This is really a great question. If you want to save e-mails for future reference, it is not a good idea to keep them in your e- mail program. Often, the e-mail files get corrupted if they become too large, and many times it is difficult to import large amounts of e-mail from an old e-mail program to a newer one (like when you get a new computer)

There are several ways that you can save this information and then burn it onto a CD for future reference. I would suggest that you think of this as a two step process since that would be easiest.

The first step is to save the e-mails to a folder on your hard drive. I would suggest that you make a folder inside your “My Documents” folder and name it something like “Quilting Groups” or whatever will identify the folder for you.

There are many different ways to save e-mails, I will describe the most common two ways for you.

1. Save the e-mails as text files.

When you are reading your e-mail message, click on “File” and then “Save As”

A “Save Message As” window will appear, in that window, you can select the folder you are saving your message to. Double click on the folder you created.

Near the bottom of the “Save Message As” window, there are two things you need to do. One is the file name. Since your digest message probably has the date and name of the group in the subject, and OE will automatically make the subject the file name, this should work great.

Beneath the file name box is a box that says “Save as type:” this is where you will choose what format to save the message in. You can choose to save it as an email message which is the default, or you can click the drop down list and save it as a text file.

If you save your message as an e-mail file, you will always need to have the e-mail program you are currently using installed on the computer you want to read the messages on, but you will get to save any pictures with the e-mails.

If you save your message as a text file, you can read them on any computer running windows, or on a Mac. The disadvantage is that you will only be saving text, not pictures or formatting.

Choose the format you want to save the files as, then click the “Save” button.

Repeat for each e-mail you want to save.

2. Drag multiple messages at once.

This is a much faster method, but you will not be able to choose to save your message as a text file.

Open the folder you made to save your messages in, and also open your e-mail program. Be sure that you can see both windows on your screen.

Highlight the e-mail messages you want to save, you can do this by holding down on the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking on each message you want to save.

Once you have highlighted a group of messages, drag one of them from your e-mail program over to the folder window that you have opened. All the highlighted messages will be copied to the folder.

Repeat this process until you have all the messages you want in the folder.

Once your folder is complete, you can then burn the entire contents to a CD with whatever CD burning program you have on your computer.


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