Save Install Files?

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a question.
Once a program is downloaded and installed is it alright to delete the installer? I have so many of them now and are they just taking up unnecessary space or is that what runs the program?



Hi Barb,

The quick answer to your question is, yes, it is ok to delete the installer. Once the program is installed, the installation files are not used to run the program.

I do want to expand upon that answer however, and give you some good guidelines for when you should just delete an installer, and when you should store these files for future use.

If the program you are downloading and installing is a free program that can easily be downloaded again in the future, then by all means, install your program, then delete the installation file. Some common examples are free programs like, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Chrome, or free games.

If the program you are downloading and installing is a paid program, you want to take some things into consideration. Some companies keep your purchase information on their website, and all you have to do is log in to the website with your user name and password and download any item that you have purchased. A good example of this is the Big Fish Games website. Once I have signed into my account, I can download and install any game that I purchased in the past.

Most of the time, however, when you purchase a program online, the file is only available for you to download for a limited amount of time. In this case, I like to save the installation file, along with any license information on either a folder on my hard drive, or saved to a CD or DVD. This way, if I need to install the program again, I can put in the disk, install the program, and put in my registration information all from one location.


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    • krnadon
    • April 5, 2010

    How does one delete the installer? Just curious

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